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V.I.P Diving
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As a trainer and with twenty years experience teaching and overseeing dives, covering all aspects from security to training, management and being responsible for all aspects of my profession.
Becoming divers !

To start all you need is just the desire ...
Do you want a magical new experience, new magical sensations, weightlessness or simply combat a fear ?
Your experience starts with your first dive, a introduction that you will find unforgettable.

French Qualifications and ANMP Diplomas: 
Recognized throughout Europe.

Level 1
From the age of 12, you will learn to look after your equipment and start your diving in total safety.
Always under the eye of an instructor, you will descend to depths of 20m having learnt the basics of your newly acquired passion.
You will need to accomplish 5 dives and one classroom session to complete this level.

level 2
From the age of 16, you start diving to depths of 20m with a buddy diver of similar experience, and you start learning techniques in orientation, surfacing and rescue. You will also, with an instructor, increase your dives to 40m.( but now you are pretty much independent)
You will need 7 accompanied dives and further classroom sessions to complete this level.

Level 3
From the age of 18, you will start to use and develop your skills and independence learnt in level 2. You will need a further 7 dives along with some classroom sessions complete this level.

PADI International Training

Scuba Diver
From the age of 10 and during four dives, you will learn about the equipment and how to swim with an instructor in depths of 6m. You will also have a classroom session.

Open Water diver
From the age of 12, during 5 to 6 dives, you will learn to use the equipment and how to dive in depths up to 20m.
When you are 18, and abroad and providing you have sufficient experience this will allow you to dive unsupervised (with another diver of your level and in a structured dive).
You will also have a classroom session

Advanced diver
Instruction in 5 different techniques. Orientation and adapting to deep waters are obligatory. For the three others sessions you have the choice between ; diving on wrecks, underwater photography and video, diving at night, diving with a drysuit, and many others.
You will also have classroom sessions

   *  For all training a medical certificate of fitness for diving is required.
Underage children must also have signed parental permission.
First steps

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Training for kids
For divers from 8 to 12 years old.

For adults and children, discover the fauna and flora with mask and snorkel.

Learn to shoot under water with "Mini Dv" from subspace, in HD quality.
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